Hockey Rules

1. Hockey blades are not to be raised above the knee.

2. No Slap Shots.

3. The best way to pass and shoot is to sweep the ground and push the puck.

4. No pushing, shoving or checking.

5. No goalies, a player may not go into the blue box.

If a defensive player touches the puck and their foot is in the

blue box, it will result in a penalty shot. If an offensive player

touches the puck and their foot is in the bluebox it will be a

face off and no goal.

6. When running with a hockey stick, the blade must be on the ground.

7. Do not use the stick as a weapon or for any other way that is unsafe.

8. 3 strikes rule, if a student raises the hockey blade above the knee in an unsafe manner during the unit, the player will sit down for the rest of that day. On the 3rd time they are done playing hockey for the rest of the unit.

9. Mr. Bernas can ban any student at anytime for actions deemed unsafe.

10. To start the game and after each goal, the game play starts off with a face off.

11. If the puck goes out of bounds, the two teams restart play with a face off.

12. If too many players are on one side of the court, the other team is awarded a penalty shot.