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Football Rules

These are the rules for the games that are played in our class. The rules are slightly different than that of Pop Warner, Flag Football, High School, College and Pro. They have many similarities and have been changed to appl to our specific class games.

  1. Sportsmanship and fair play should be demonstrated at all times. If poor sportsmanship or cheating occurs, your team could forfeit and the individuals could be kick out of the tournament and receive a failing grade for the remainder of the unit.
  2. I should never ever hear the word TACKLE or see my students play TACKLE football. We do not have the safety equipment to play tackle football in a safe and well trained manner. When you get to high school and they issue helmets and shoulder pads, then you can play tackle football. Any individual or team(s) that are caught playing tackle football will sit out the rest of the unit and receive a fail for the remainder of the unit.
  3. Only 2 rushers can pass the line of scrimmage at a time. Any more will be a 5 yard penalty against the defense.
  4. Rushers have to count "5 Apples" before they can cross the line of scrimmage.
  5. Hiker must hike between their legs. A rusher can not line up on the hiker.
  6. If a ball hits the ground at anytime, the play is over. Only exception is on kicks and punts.
  7. Offense has 4 plays (downs) to get across the next blue first down line. The offense gets 4 more plays (downs) when they pass the first down line.
  8. Out of the four plays, only one play can be run play. Once you use your run play you can't run until you get a new set of 4 downs by passing the first down line.
  9. For easy score keeping, a touchdown will be worth 1 point.
  10. To start the game one team will kick off to the other team. Kick off happen at the start of the game and after a touchdown.
  11. If a team chooses to punt on fourth down, there are no fake punts, they have to punt the ball away.
  12. Offsides or false start is a 5 yard penalty.
  13. Play starts when the ball is physically hiked to the quarterback, not when the quarterback says "HIKE" The defensive rushers can not count the "5 Apples" until the ball is physically hiked.
  14. All penalties including holding, pass interference, and any others called by Mr. B will be a 5 yard penalty. Unsportsmanlike conduct will be a 10 yard penalty and a first down. Illegal run play will be 5 yard penalty. Illegal forward pass that happens past the line of scrimmage is a 5 yd penalty from where the ball was thrown and a loss of down.
  15. A player is considered down when they are tagged with two hands. Any rough tags or pushing can result in a 10 yard penalty and the player sits out for 1 play. If it continues the player can be kicked out and receive a fail for the remainder of the unit.